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georgia emergency Medical service of the year

Please submit your nomination using the online nomination form link on the bottom of this page.


This award is presented to a currently licensed Georgia Emergency Medical Service, which exemplifies outstanding professionalism on the local, regional, and state levels, as well as service to the community it serves. Outstanding professionalism and service is defined as going far above and beyond the call of duty, whether in the direct delivery of patient care or in programs offered to the community that enhance the standing of EMS and/or the education of the public.

ELIGIBILITY: Any currently licensed Georgia ambulance service, functioning at either the BLS or ALS level. This award is open to all services.

Submission Guidelines

The online nomination must be submitted with a nomination statement that shows evidence as to why the nominee is deserving of this award. Consideration should be give to the question, “What services does this EMS perform that sets them apart from all others?” When answering the question, consider the equipment carried above the minimum required; protocols used; research engaged in by the service; involvement of medical direction; participation on the regional and state levels in various events; and, others. Again, the recognition provided by this award is not for just doing the job, but for far exceeding that which is required and expected by the community.

Specifically the nomination statement should include each of the following at a minimum:

  • Describe advances in EMS education and training in the agency.
  • What innovations in prehospital care and protocol development has the agency implemented?
  • Outline the medical community involvement with the agency.
  • Describe any EMS system/program upgrades implemented by the agency.
  • Outline worker safety and well-being programs implemented at the agency.
  • Describe the injury- and illness-prevention projects implemented by the agency.
  • Describe any public-education project sponsorships the agency is involved in.

Information needed on nomination form:

  • Service Information
  • Statement of why they are being nominated
  • Photo of service logo or staff members
  • Additional letters of support (optional)
  • Nominator information

The mission of the Georgia Emergency Medical Services Association is to advocate for the emergency medical provider, develop educational programs, liaison activities, provider benefit programs, and improvements to the Emergency Medical Service System in Georgia.

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